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Call Center Manager

WinCati's Call Center Manager lets you use WinCati's powerful Supervisor and Interviewer Applications to manage your call center and Qualtrics to create and conduct your surveys. They work seamlessly together.

Add WinCati's Capabilities To Your Qualtrics Survey System

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Call Center Manager Lets You

  • Combine call center activities into one system
  • Administer surveys using Qualtrics
  • Conduct phone only, Web only, and
    phone/Web mixed-mode surveys
  • Conduct scientific surveys such as Political Polls
  • Choose between a local area network or cloud-based solution

Call Center Manager Gives You

  • Integrated sample database
  • Automated sample management
  • Quota control
  • Integrated email messaging system
  • Call disposition monitoring
  • Automated dialing
  • Outbound and inbound calling
  • On-screen Interviewer monitoring
  • Interviewer productivity reports
  • Features to help you stay FCC 2015 TCPA compliant

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Pricing and Guarantee

You can use this calculator to compute the system price for your organziation.
Number of Interviewing Stations  
Number of Supervisor Stations  
Academic License  
Options: (enter the number of interviewing stations requiring each option)
Number of Interview Record Stations  
Number of Proactive Dialing Stations  
Number of Predictive Dialing Stations  
Call Center Manager Regular
Your System Price
Base $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
1 to 25 interviewing stations $1,000 $800 $1,000
26 to 50 interviewing stations $700 $600
51+ interviewing stations $400 $300
Additional Supervisor Stations $100 $100
Interview Record $200 $180
Proactive Dialing $300 $200
Predictive Dialing $500 $400
  Your System Price
Initial License and Support Fee $11,000
Annual License Renewal and Support Fee After First Year $2,200

  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • On-site installation and training available
  • Available for Immediate download