When it comes to conjoint analysis / discrete choice*, Sawtooth Technologies combines the latest tools, decades of experience, and sound strategic thinking.

Our passion is solving challenging business problems, and conjoint is the heart of our tool kit. Conjoint projects are often complex, multi-layered endeavors. At Sawtooth Technologies, we find the right approach for you based on your business objectives and desired outcomes. We know the ins and outs of conjoint in all its different forms, and we push the limits of market research to unlock solutions you may never have imagined.

We are hands-on people who are committed to doing things right. Our consultants apply decades of experience and the latest research techniques to ensure that your study:

  • Is designed specifically for your market
  • Is executed using best practices
  • Yields actionable results
  • Provides information that remains relevant for years

    Whether you need a customized conjoint / discrete choice consulting project, back-room services or training, Sawtooth Technologies can provide it. No other conjoint analysis provider can match Sawtooth Technologies’ breadth and depth of experience with these types of studies.

    *Discrete Choice vs Conjoint - Conjoint Analysis comes in many “flavors” and goes by many names. Discrete choice is an important and popular form and, therefore, has become a commonly used term.

    Find out more about how conjoint analysis works, see an example, or view representative case studies to learn how we use this powerful technique to make a difference for clients.


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