When it comes to conjoint analysis and discrete choice, our expertise is unparalleled

Conjoint Consulting Services

What sets our consulting practice apart is our passion for solving challenging business problems. Our consultants use conjoint analysis and other advanced market research techniques that are all designed to do one thing: help you get better business results. Our conjoint consulting services team will partner with you to:

  • Get to the heart of your business questions
  • Determine whether conjoint analysis or some other technique meets your project objectives
  • Design, implement, and analyze the project
  • Work jointly with you to integrate the results into your decision-making process

Conjoint analysis is the heart of our tool kit. Conjoint projects are often complex, multi-layered endeavors. At Sawtooth Technologies, we take a customized consulting approach to meet your business objectives and desired outcomes. We know the ins and outs of conjoint in all its different forms and we push the limits of market research to unlock solutions you may never have imagined.
Our lead consultants have been using conjoint analysis to answer business questions for decades and have taught the technique at top business schools. No one in the industry can match Sawtooth Technologies’ breadth and depth of experience with these types of studies.

We have broad expertise across markets and product categories.  Our experience includes:

  • National and international studies
  • B2B and consumer markets
  • Product-driven and service-driven businesses

Sawtooth Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of Sawtooth Software, which has provided conjoint analysis services and related software since 1983.

How will your market respond to your future product offerings? Call us to discuss the rich insights conjoint can deliver.

If you’re experienced with the technique, and seeking only programming services, click here.

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