WinCati’s study navigation window guides you through the set-up, monitoring and reporting processes.

All of the functions you need for creating and monitoring the progress of a study can be accessed from this window. You can password-protect studies to limit access to both the study setup and reports.

Windows for defining study specifications are arranged in a “tab view”. You enter each set of specifications by clicking on the appropriate tab then using the window that displays to set up the specifications.

You can import sample into WinCati’s sample database from a wide variety of formats. You can save layout specifications to save time when importing sample from the same source in the future.

Each piece of sample is stored as a record in the study’s sample database. The record, as shown here, contains contact information, any custom fields you define, information indicating its dialing status, and a history of all call attempts. You can view, edit, search, or copy records in the database.

Overall, you’ll find setting up studies with WinCati to be quick, powerful, and uncomplicated.

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