Create Simple to Complex Questionnaires

  • Sensus, the questionnaire-authoring component of WinCati, is both straightforward and powerful. It lets you create simple questionnaires easily and yet it is flexible enough for even the most complex questionnaires.
  • Sensus can handle all common question types, such as single response, multiple response, numeric, open-end, and constant sum. It can also handle more complex question types such as rosters and grids.
  • Branching can be as complex as you need; you can skip based on previous responses, combinations of responses, and even computations. Sensus lets you display responses to questions in later questions, so you can customize interviews to pique respondent interest.
  • With Sensus, you have complete control over screen formatting for your questionnaire: You can place question and response text anywhere on the screen and use color and type fonts to guide interviewers.


Advanced Capabilities

Sensus has special features and efficiencies designed for researchers with advanced needs.

  • Sensus’ powerful list-handling capabilities let you ask questions repetitively with minimal setup.
  • You can construct customized lists for each respondent based on prior answers, and then ask additional questions based on an item on that list.
  • You can construct rosters where you ask a series of questions for each member of a list.
  • You can randomize choices within questions, questions within blocks of questions, and blocks of questions within questionnaires.
  • You can create and administer multilingual studies and interviewers can switch between languages at any point during the interview.
  • You can write macros to create your own custom functions for use throughout a questionnaire.
  • With WinCati’s sound option, you can include commercial jingles or other sound bites as part of the interview and record entire interviews.

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