Sensus Web provides easy-to-use aids to help you fully test your online surveys.

Preview Mode

The Preview mode lets you test your surveys as you create them.  You can test any portion of the survey, or the entire survey, to ensure proper skipping, branching, formatting etc. For example, you can test a block of 5 questions without having to test the entire survey and without having to load it onto a Web server.

Test Mode

Sensus Web’s Test mode lets you test the entire survey as if it were on a Web server, without having to actually upload it to a Web server. The Test mode lets you test the entire survey through your Web browser. In addition to testing your survey logic, the Test mode lets you save data so you can verify that data is being collected properly.

Auto Test Mode

Sensus Web’s Auto Test feature will run through your survey automatically a pre-specified number of times. You can specify the distribution for responses or let it respond to questions randomly using valid responses. For example, if you are asking for a response between 1 and 10, it will randomly provide a response between 1 and 10, however, if only certain responses permit the interview to continue, you can skew the distribution toward those responses.

Auto Test records data each time it goes through the survey. Automatically recording large amounts of data lets you see if there are any questions not being answered and lets you set up your tabs in advance, speeding your analysis on the back end.

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