Training On-Site, On-Line or in Sacramento

Sawtooth Technologies provides on-site training for users who need assistance getting started or who have projects to field immediately. Training can also be scheduled online or at the Praxis training facility in Sacramento, California for a reduced fee.

Sawtooth Technologies’ WinCati and Sensus Web training are designed to maximize your productivity as quickly as possible. We offer comprehensive and affordable training to ensure that you get the most out of our products. We can also customize courses to suit individual requirements.

Trainings are offered on an as needed basis. This flexibility lets you be trained around your schedule.

Paul Sanchietti of Praxis Computer Research has conducted all trainings since 1996. Paul has over twenty years of CATI and research experience and twelve years experience with WinCati.


Individual Product Technical Training

Sensus Questionnaire Development Training

The questionnaire development training is designed to take an individual from a novice to a confident, knowledgeable questionnaire author in a very short time. The training is generally a two-day intensive examination of the authoring system based upon a simple but effective learning technique: the introduction of concepts followed by relevant exercises. In addition, the student will receive a training manual filled with examples that will assist with creating questionnaires for years to come.

The first day involves an introduction to the authoring system and the design of basic surveys. After the first day, the student should be able to design simple, basic questionnaires involving a variety of question types. The second day of training introduces the power of lists, the most powerful aspect of Sensus. After the second day, students should be able to understand the more advanced authoring features and begin constructing complex questionnaires.

WinCati Training

WinCati training is generally a two-day intensive training that involves detailed instruction on:

  • Setting up the most common WinCati projects
  • All WinCati menu items
  • Exporting data for analysis
  • Mixed Mode instruction (if needed)

We discuss the power of WinCati, how questionnaires work with WinCati, how sample and data files work, how reports should be read, how sample and callback information are handled, how quotas are handled, etc. Students will receive a step-by-step training manual filled with examples that will assist with WinCati questions for years to come.

Sensus Web Fielding Training

Sensus Web fielding training is generally a two-day intensive training that involves detailed instruction on:

  • Setting up the most common Sensus Web online projects and
  • All Sensus menu items.

We take you through a step-by-step setup of an actual Sensus Web study including creating questionnaires, defining quotas, composing and managing emails, deploying studies to the Web, monitoring study progress, analyzing data, exporting data, etc.

Other WinCati and Sensus Web Related Training

Advanced Sensus Questionnaire Development Training

This course is designed for the organization that has already participated in the Sensus Questionnaire Development Training but has many difficult questionnaires and requires extra training and instruction. Three-days of training are recommended which involves a review of lists/constructed lists functions on the first day, how to handle tables and other specify’s in a constructed list on day two, and tackling random selection, unaided and aided questions as well as answering any organization-specific questions on day three.

Laboratory Development and Optimization

Efficiency of the CATI laboratory is often a make-or-break area of the research organization. Based on his more than twenty years of CATI experience, Paul outlines the necessary requirements for a CATI organization to implement best practices research. Designed for the new or struggling company, all essential items are covered including: organizational chart, hiring, position descriptions, interviewer manual (example), supervisor manual (example), interviewer and supervisor training (recommendations), CATI floor design, noise reduction, audio/visual monitoring, communication, productivity improvement, etc. This is a document only. No instruction involved. Cost: $500.00


Training Fees

Software training can be scheduled at your facility or online. Training Seminars are also available at Praxis’ training center in California’s Sacramento Valley, which is within short driving distances of the wine country of Sonoma and Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe.

Training (per organization; travel expenses additional) On-Site, Sacramento Facility or Online
4-day Sensus / WinCati $3,000
4-day Sensus Scripting / Web Deployment Training $3,000
Daily rate if fewer than 4 days (per day) $900
Hourly rate if beyond daily 8 hours (per hour) $95

To schedule training contact Paul Sanchietti at (916) 725-8819 or Email or visit his website at

What Attendees Are Saying About Sawtooth Technologies Training

Whether in private research firms, universities, or government agencies, our users have given our training high ratings. Here are a few of their comments:

“Well organized. Good relevant examples, hands on stuff was good.”

“Paul is a great, patient trainer.”  

“Overall, I was very impressed with the training.”  

“The instructor was able to clarify the CATI unctions.”  

“Well thought out, not ‘canned.’”  

“I enjoyed Paul’s ‘easy going’ presentation. He seemed very knowledgeable and was very easy to work with.”

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