Sensus Web’s design is based on years of experience with computer-assisted interviewing.

The result is an uncomplicated system that brings the power of CATI interviewing to the Web. Sensus Web goes beyond the limits of other systems to offer you easier access to greater functionality. Its accessible, extensive capabilities make Sensus Web the best value on the market.

From survey design to deployment, and quota control to online analysis, Sensus Web delivers the features researchers want and need.

Sensus Web Features       


  • Unlimited Studies
  • Archiving, backup and retrieval

Respondent Access

  • Runs with standard browsers
  • Respondent IDs and passwords to ensure appropriate, non-duplicated respondents

Client Online Access

  • Completes by quota/date
  • Summary statistics
  • Marginals counts
  • Statistics by variable
  • Two-way crosstabs

Survey Capabilities

  • Surveys ranging from standard scroll down form surveys to those with complex skipping, list handling, and multimedia requirements
  • Survey length limited only by size of purchase
  • Complete control of screen format, color, bolding, underlining, fonts, and font sizes
  • Categorical, numeric, pick lists, constant sum, rank order, analog, open-ended responses
  • Formatted numeric responses for input such as telephone numbers and zip codes
  • Grids with rows and column randomization
  • Skips/branches of any complexity
  • Arithmetic and date/time computations
  • Randomization of answer choices/questions/blocks of questions
  • Restore previous answers into question text
  • Advanced list handling and customized lists
  • Rostering
  • Exchange respondent information between sample record and interview
  • Link to other Web sites as part of interview, including to online conjoint analysis surveys
  • Images and graphics
  • Sound Play

Survey Authoring Aids

    Sensus Templates
  • Templates
  • Question tree
  • Question Preview
  • Skip logic diagram
  • Cut & Paste text and lists from word processing packages
  • Link to and from other surveys modules
  • Offline testing
  • Auto tester and data simulator

Sample Management

  • Unlimited import of email addresses
  • Respondent status tracking
  • Automatic emailing of user-defined messages based on respondent status
  • Respondent IDs and passwords can be included in email messages
  • Email messages can be personalized by merging any information contained in imported email lists

Quota Control

  • Unlimited quota cells
  • Handles complex quota requirements
  • Automatic or manual quota control
  • Online quota tracking

Study Deployment

  • Deploy on Microsoft standard Web servers
  • Simple, built-in deployment features
  • Deploy either on your own server or on Sawtooth Technologies’ server

Data Processing

  • Online or Offline data viewer/editor
  • Online or offline openend coder
  • Online or offline completed interview count by quota cell and date
  • Online or offline frequencies, univariate statistics, marginals and two-way crosstabs
  • Data stored in ODBC database
  • Export data and labels to over 20 file formats including SPSS, SAS, Excel, Triple-s XML, ASCII and .CSV
  • Compatible with any cross-tab or statistical package
  • User definable data order in output file

Ease of Use

  • Navigation window with functions and tools arranged in order of study execution
  • Drag-and-drop questionaire authoring interface
  • Basic logic
  • Offline testing
  • Integrated sample management system
  • Integrated email system
  • Context sensitive online help


  • Multi-Language surveys
  • Date/time formats

Other Benefits

  • Standard PC and Windows hardware and software
  • Well-written manuals
  • Responsive technical support
  • Online product updates

Pricing and Guarantee

  • Reasonable license fee and maintenance fee
  • Trade-up credit
  • Payment plans available
  • On-site training available
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • Two-day delivery or immediate download

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