Sensus Web gives you the tools you need to quickly analyze, edit, and code your data - online or offline.

Sensus Web’s online summary analysis features let you report preliminary results quickly and monitor your surveys while they are in progress. You can give your clients access to these same capabilities so they can monitor survey results directly.

Sensus Web’s online analysis features include frequency counts, marginals, simple crosstabs and basic survey statistics. You can also download data while studies are in progress and use these features offline.

Sensus Web’s basic online statistics and two-way cross tabs


Export to Analysis Packages

Sensus Web lets you export your data and variable labels to SPSS, SAS, Access, Excel, and Triple-s XML. In fact, because Sensus Web exports to ASCII and .CSV formats as well, you can use any crosstab or statistical package for your analysis.


Data Editing

Sensus Web includes a versatile data editor for making any after-interviewing edits. It lets you view and edit respondent numeric and open-end data, either online or offline, while maintaining a detailed log of all changes.

Sensus Web’s View/Edit/Code Data – View Tab.


Open End Coding

The integrated coder for open-ended responses makes coding quick and easy – online or offline. For each respondent, you can create up to 30 codes per question and have up to 10,000 codes in the master list. You can code by question or by respondent so several people can code simultaneously.

Sensus Web’s View/Edit/Code Data – Open-End Coder Tab.

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